How the left can win.

We are in a political moment of change and possibility. We’re seeing that radical demands can be a path to political power and profound change. We’re seeing fresh energy and inspiration among progressives around the world – we’re seeing a movement beginning.

Bold new organizing techniques fuelled the Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn breakthroughs in the US and the UK. These were campaigns that embraced the massively ambitious policies called for by the Leap Manifesto to match the scale of the existential crises we face: racism, historic inequality, and the breakdown of the climate.

Courage To Leap will offer a unique, behind-the-scenes look at how the combination of grassroots mobilization and bold, progressive policies ignited a movement that transcends national boundaries. The Leap and Courage are partnering to bring special guests Becky Bond (Sanders campaign advisor), Emma Rees and Adam Klug (Momentum UK co-founders), Marsha De Cordova (Labour MP for Battersea), Bianca Mugyenyi (The Leap), Nav Kaur (Courage), and Jill O’Reilly (ACORN).

Can you chip in a few dollars to help us make Courage To Leap a success? Your donation will help us bring these key organizers to Canada, as well as record this event to produce a video resource for our movements and progressive political campaigns for years to come.