The Leap



The Leap was founded by Naomi Klein, Avi Lewis, Katie McKenna and Bianca Mugyenyi, and ran as a cross-border organization from 2015 until closing its doors in 2021.

The organization started from the belief that our overlapping crises of inequality and climate change stem from the same broken systems, and that we need intersectional solutions and alliances to rebuild our broken relationships to this planet and each other.

To win systemic change, we believed we needed to break climate out of a single-issue silo and connect it with the struggles that dominate our everyday lives: economic security, access to healthcare, child and elder care, gender discrimination and systemic racism.

The Leap’s mission was to advance intersectional solutions to these overlapping crises. We developed projects that built solidarity and relationships between climate and other movements.  And we boosted them with cultural and media work that built popular support for our allies’ struggles, advancing a vision of the world we are fighting for. You can learn more about our projects and connect with our incredible allies through the Our Work page, and read about our impact on the Media page.

“It seems like a blueprint that could
be used across the world.”

CNN International, on The Leap Manifesto

Over six years, our powerhouse cross-border team brought together decades of collective experience in campaigning, organizing and multi-platform storytelling. Everyone at The Leap came to climate work through other struggles, and brought strong networks of collaborators across movements and borders, including climate, racial, economic, migrant and gender justice, Indigenous rights, food justice, organized labor, media and the arts.  You can contact past members of The Leap team through our Alumni page.

At The Leap, we did our best to create a collaborative, resilient and anti-racist culture within the organization, with a goal of reflecting the values we were fighting for in the world in our policies.  As part of our legacy work, we have shared our most recent operational policies on the Our Organization page.

We created this website to open-source The Leap’s work and legacy, and return the organization’s energy to the movement ecosystem that inspired us for so many years.  We’d like to thank Molly Crabapple and Meta4Films for the use of their stunning artwork from our video collaborations throughout this website.

We hope you find something here that fuels your work, too.  

In solidarity,  

The Leap Team