What is The Leap?

We make system change irresistible

Letter from the Co-Executive Directors

 We’re so proud to have the chance to introduce you to The Leap. 

 Unlike many environmental organizations, from the beginning The Leap has focused on addressing the root causes of the climate crisis, and pushing for systemic change in the face of it. We believe we can either face the climate challenge by transforming the broken bedrock of our economy and society — with all the massive economic, social and cultural benefits that shift can bring– or climate change will transform us and our world, in terrifying ways that we are already beginning to experience. 

The Leap was founded to respond to this moment.  Since our launch, we’ve drawn heavily on the ideas, storytelling, political acumen and broad network of international contacts of our co-founders, Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis.

 We’ve also assembled a powerful team with deep roots in organizing, operations, convening and communications.  Our staff works both in public and behind the scenes to build and strengthen the truly intersectional and ambitious climate movement this moment calls for.

The Leap works in two very different, but complementary ways.  The first is the bricks and mortar work of building our movement: communications work that helps people make sense of the moment we’re in and moves them to action in response.  The other is strengthening our movement by connecting people who work on different issues across the political spectrum together in a common goal, whether through meetings and events (convening) or more formal coalition work. 

But The Leap is also in the moonshot business.  We’re living through years of rapid social, ecological and political change, and that means our strategy and tactics must evolve just as quickly.  One of the advantages of not being a single-issue or single-approach organization is that we are able to keep open to — and sometimes help to create —  those breakthrough moments that can change everything about what’s considered “politically possible”.  The Leap Manifesto was one of those — and now thanks to our allies in the U.S., the Green New Deal is an even bigger one.  We hope you see more projects in these pages that seize your imagination and open your mind to new possibilities for transformative change.

Let’s be honest: it’s hard to be hopeful looking at the social, political and ecological reality unfolding around us right now.  But all of us at The Leap believe that there is a path to a powerful, collective response to the climate crisis; one that can create a more just and livable society in the process. And we are going to fight like our lives depend on it to get there — because they do.

Katie McKenna & Bianca Mugyenyi

Co-Executive Directors, The Leap