“Let’s get out of shock as fast as we can and build the kind of radical movement that has a genuine answer to the hate and fear represented by the Trumps of this world. Let’s set aside whatever is keeping us apart and start right now.”

– Naomi Klein, 11/09/16

One thing is now clear: the future is radical. Whether it will be defined by climate change, racism and xenophobia, or movements and people working for a society based on care for the planet and each other, is up to us.

The Leap

Launching in 2017, The Leap is an organization founded to upend our collective response to the crises of climate, inequality, and racism.

We exist to support, strengthen and connect movements and people on the frontlines of change.

The Leap is a global project, inspired by the vision of The Leap Manifesto, but independent from it.

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