Climate Change and Migration

Climate Change and Migration Talking about climate change and migration can be hard, but the basic picture is simple. Climate-driven migration is happening now. Stronger and more frequent superstorms, raging wildfires, and other disasters are already forcing millions of people from their homes. And it’s happening in every [...]

Green New Deal

Let's talk about A GREEN NEW DEAL What is a Green New Deal? The Green New Deal is an ambitious plan for how we can eliminate poverty and create millions of jobs while tackling the biggest threat of our time: climate change. [...]

ACTION: What is the Leap Manifesto?

Once in awhile, an action, document, demand or slogan breaks out of the social movement world and becomes common currency in the wider culture. Occupy Wall Street is a great example. This process is mysterious – it’s usually not because the people behind it are uniquely brilliant, or the content is completely new. In [...]