A Bailout for People and the Planet

Pandemic, economic freefall, isolation and quarantine. We are living in a state of shock.

Governments around the world have leapt into action in response – a torrent of public spending and intervention.

If done right, this could be an exciting breakthrough. Before this crisis, climate breakdown and inequality were already emergencies. Just weeks ago, governments were shackled by scarcity thinking. But that’s over now.

Organizations around the world are fighting for 5 principles of a just recovery, the pillars of a People’s Bailout. The Leap is an enthusiastic signatory to this effort.

And we are also launching our own People’s Bailout project in the coming weeks – working with partners to advance specific demands that begin with the current emergency, while planting the seeds of transformative change.

*Header image from A Message from the Future with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Our Approach

To push for crisis responses that build from the immediate to the transformative:


Meet the immediate, life-or-death needs of frontline workers and all those whose lives have been upended by this crisis.


Make sure stimulus spending builds the scaffolding for a zero-carbon, full employment economy.


Transform the economy to prioritize safety and stability for all, not just the 1%. That means a Global Green New Deal.

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The Demands