The Leap is new organization dedicated to advancing systemic change in the face of our intersecting crises of climate change, inequality, and racism.  We do this through:

  • bold storytelling and public interventions
  • local organizing around climate and social justice solutions
  • silo-busting movement gatherings.

The Leap Manifesto is a plan for how Canada can move to a clean energy economy in a way that addresses systemic racism and economic inequality. The Leap Manifesto was initiated in the spring of 2015 at a two-day meeting attended by representatives from Canada’s Indigenous rights, social and food justice, environmental, faith-based and labour movements. The meeting was convened to move beyond saying “no” to the worst attacks on our rights and environment, and to dream together about the country we actually want and how to get there. The manifesto was shaped by the contributions of dozens of people.  

Today, the manifesto is available in twelve languages and counting, and has been signed by tens of thousands of people from all walks of life, from former Ontario Chief Justice Roy McMurtry to the head of Canada’s Jesuits, from Oxfam to the Council of Canadians to Idle No More; dozens of religious, labour and Indigenous leaders; cultural figures like Leonard Cohen, Ellen Page, Donald Sutherland and Arcade Fire, and some of Canada’s largest public sector unions.  Learn more about The Leap Manifesto at https://leapmanifesto.org

We’re thrilled that you’re ready to get to work for a radically more hopeful world.  To start out, you might want to read The Leap Manifesto, and check out our Stories page to see how others are bringing the ideas to life in their communities.

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A “just transition” is the idea that we can transition to a renewable-based economy in a way that changes our lives for the better — achieving meaningful justice for those that have suffered the most in our current system, creating more and better jobs, restoring and expanding our social safety net, building a better food system, and reducing economic, gender and racial inequalities.

Author and activist Naomi Klein was one of the co-authors of The Leap Manifesto and helped convene the 2015 meeting that led to the writing of the document.  Since its release, Naomi has been a leading advocate for the manifesto’s intersectional, non-incremental approach to addressing climate change and the crises that fuel it.  In 2016, she co-founded The Leap as an organization dedicated to advancing systemic change in the face of climate crisis, and is a key advisor and strategist on the team.  In 2017, her book No Is Not Enough described The Leap Manifesto and the process that led to it as an example of the kind of radically hopeful, intersectional vision that can respond to the rise of right-wing populism around the world.

Right now, our organizing team is based and predominantly working in Canada and the United States.  However, we believe that the Leap’s intersectional, non-incremental approach to addressing climate change can and should be adopted everywhere, and we have allies around the world. In 2015, more than 500 people gathered at a workshop at COP21 in Paris on taking The Leap global.  The Leap has inspired the Scandinavian Green Manifesto for Europe, as well as sister Leap initiatives in Australia and the United Kingdom.

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