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“It seems like a blueprint that could be used across the world.”

CNN International, on The Leap Manifesto

“The closest thing we’ve seen in Canada to the Bernie Sanders movement.”

Macleans Magazine

“a wild-eyed, ultra-greenist, anti-capitalist dogma-sheet”.

Rex Murphy

The manifesto should “be shouted in every square by every town crier this country has.”

Yann Martel

“…must be resisted and defeated.”

Former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

“With The Leap, the scale of the plan matches the scale of the crisis – it’s a set of demands that actually acknowledges how much and how fast we need to change. And it rings true because it sees the climate crisis not as a technical problem to be solved by engineers, but as a crisis of a system and an economic philosophy.”

Leap Manifesto co-author Avi Lewis